Collection: Christine Darvin

Christine Darvin, a visionary of the late 19th century, transformed the world of perfumery. Inspired by the markets of Bordeaux, she aspired to elevate traditional French perfumery and make it accessible to all. A pioneer of her kind, she introduced an unprecedented concept of democratic perfumery, giving a new dimension to the olfactory sector.

A key milestone in her daring journey was the establishment in 1960 of a manufacturing plant dedicated to the production of her fragrance creations. Initially targeting the French colonies, the factory then expanded to the Middle East and South America. The aim was clear: to democratize French perfumery and make its olfactory subtleties available beyond France's borders.

The birth of this production plant marked a turning point in the history of perfumery. Thanks to a rigorous manufacturing process and Christine Darvin's undisputed expertise, the brand succeeded in maintaining a high level of quality while making its products more accessible.

In 1972, the factory's destiny took a new direction when two brothers, Antoine and Hervé Madrid, passionate about cosmetics and perfumery, acquired the Christine Darvin factory. They committed themselves to preserving the unique craftsmanship of the site, while setting out to conquer the French market.

In the early 2000s, to refresh their Cologne Fraîcheur line, they introduced new scents - energizing, fresh and colorful - aimed at those who prefer discreet fragrances. The success of this initiative confirmed the brand's status as an innovator, and demonstrated its ability to adapt to the changing tastes of its clientele.

Thus was written the story of Christine Darvin, a woman who left her mark on 19th-century perfumery with her pioneering vision and her desire to elevate and democratize French perfume.