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Agrado Baby Chamomile Gentle Shampoo 590ml

Agrado Baby Chamomile Gentle Shampoo 590ml

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Children just want to have fun. Let them splash around in the bathroom, or play with an imaginary boat while they wash their hands. You can rest easy, because Agrado Kids products are dermatologically tested and designed for them. So put on your pirate hat or paint your Martian face and enjoy with them!

• 590ml with two-height dispenser.
• It does not itch in the eyes.
• Gentle formula with Chamomile and conditioners for a smooth finish. Made with re-greasing agents that help prevent dryness and with a composition that prevents irritation to the baby's skin.
•Dermatologically tested and under pediatric control.

Dermatologically tested

Tested under pediatric control

Ophthalmic tested

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