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Luxenter Piercing Lyna Plata De Ley 925

Luxenter Piercing Lyna Plata De Ley 925

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925 Sterling Silver Piercing with Ruby Zirconia finished in 18K yellow gold - Lyna


Lyna Piercing 925 Sterling Silver and Ruby Zirconia finished in 18K yellow gold. Jewelry with excessive designs in which engraving. Chains, pendants and bracelets are the protagonists. Delicate designs give name to our ENGRAVING line. Jewelry carefully finished and polished by hand creating perfect shapes plated in rhodium, yellow gold and 18 carat rose gold on 925 sterling silver. As in the 60s everything is mixed again for a new coup de effect for the beat generation, being the best mix of New York sobriety and feminine sensuality. Designs with personality dictate color and mother nature: the union of different materials and an exquisite arrangement of the pieces make this line the unique jewel, defining the most British side of the it girl: Relativity is (IN)herent to the color. Length: 5.3mm


Setting PAVE

stone carving BRIGHT

Tone RED

Weight 0

Closing THREAD



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